Fostering Research On Neuro-Prevention Translation via Infrastructure, Education, and Relationships

FRONTIER provides an infrastructure for collaborative studies at UNC on children and adolescents who have experienced significant adversities, such as maltreatment, poverty, racism, inequities, violence, and substandard housing conditions.

Why We’re Here

The overall mission of FRONTIER is to apply both a transdisciplinary and translational approach for cross-cutting research, practice and policy in neuroprevention science.

FRONTIER members will be afforded opportunities to participate in the active transfer of consensual knowledge and evidence in an actionable format to inform policy agendas.

This line of research—and in particular the application of neuroscientific techniques to address outstanding questions in prevention science—is a high priority with several NIH institutes and other federal agencies and foundations.

Find resources that facilitate the generative process and lead to tangible products, such as proposals, projects, papers, presentations, and public health policies.